The United States Navy Blue Angels returned home to Pensacola, Florida Sunday evening following a one month road trip in which the team performed at four different shows on the west coast, ranging from San Francisco to Hawaii. The team performed this past weekend at the Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular, which marked their return to the east coast and the sunshine state. Sunday night, the team returned to home base NAS Pensacola, where they begin preparing for their final road trip of the 2015 show season.

This week, the Blue Angels return to Metro Atlanta for the Great Georgia Air Show in Peachtree City, Georgia. The team performed earlier this year at the Vidalia Onion Festival Air Show in Vidalia, Georgia, but they haven't performed in Metro Atlanta since 2010. The team's short trip to the peach state will mark the final road trip as a Blue Angel for various members of the team.

The pilots making their final trek as a Blue Angel include the flight leader of the Blue Angels, Captain Tom Frosch. Captain Frosch has been with the team since November of 2012, and has over 3,800 flight hours. Also leaving the Blue Angel diamond in 2016 is Lieutenant Commander Nate Barton. Nate joined the team in September 2012, and served as the Left Wing pilot in 2013 and 2014 before transitioning to the slot pilot in 2015. He has accumulated more than 2,300 flight hours. The last pilot in the Delta formation making his final trip as a Blue Angel this week is Lieutenant Commander Mark Tedrow. Mark Joined the team in September 2011, and served as the Narrator in 2012 before becoming the Opposing Solo pilot in 2013 and 2014. This weekend, air show fans and spectators will see Mark fly as the Lead Solo for the team. He has accumulated more than 2,200 flight hours.

Also making his final trip as a Blue Angel this week is C-130 pilot Major Dusty Cook. Major Cook joined the Blue Angels in September 2013, and served as a demonstration pilot aboard Fat Albert Airlines during the 2014 and 2015 show seasons. Major Cook has accumulated more than 2,100 flight hours, 900 of them being combat hours. This weekend, listen for the distinctive radio call "Beeeerrrrttt's Roolliinnggg!!!" as Major Dusty Cook gives the Georgia crowd one final hoorah before heading back to the fleet.

The team has two practice demonstrations scheduled over Pensacola, Florida Tuesday and Wednesday before arriving to Falcon Field Thursday morning in Peachtree City, Georgia. Poor weather is expected in Atlanta Tuesday and Wednesday during Captain Jeff Kuss' arrival, but it'll be clear skies this weekend as the team looks to get in two more high shows before heading back to Pensacola, where they'll close out their 2015 show season November 6-7 at the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and right here at for all of the action at this weekend's Great Georgia Air Show. Also, download our IPhone App, available on the app store now!