U.S. Army Golden Knights Injured During Training Jump


UPDATE (2/19/19): The Golden Knights announced today that they are officially returning to the skies to continue to train for the 2019 season. They do so in honor of the three parachutists injured last week. The full press release can be seen below:


UPDATE: The Golden Knights released an update Wednesday morning stating that two of the jumpers remain in critical condition while the third remains in serious condition. 

Three parachutists from the U.S. Army Golden Knights were rushed to the hospital early Tuesday morning after an early morning accident at Homestead Air Force Reserve Base. 

Shortly after 4:00 AM Tuesday morning, three members of the Golden Knights were airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center after they were injured during a training exercise. They were conducting a “Halo Jump,” in which they started out at around 14,000 feet. The condition of the jumpers is unknown at this time. 

The Golden Knights are in the middle of a nine-week winter training period at Homestead Air Reserve Base, and are scheduled to begin their season in late March. 

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