Thunderbird 3 Experiences Birdstrike During U.S. Air Force Academy Graduation Flyover


The United States Air Force Thunderbirds Delta formation conducted a flyover of the U.S. Air Force Academy Graduation Thursday afternoon in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

All six planes successfully executed the flyover, but shortly after, Thunderbird 3, Captain Michael Brewer, experienced a possible Birdstrike and made the decision to return to base.


The rest of the team completed an aerial demonstration over Colorado Springs, and all six aircraft returned safely to Peterson Air Force Base. The Air Force is currently investigating the incident. 

This isn’t the first time the Thunderbirds have had trouble while while conducting the graduation flyover. In 2016, Thunderbird 6 crashed in a field en route to Peterson Air Force Base after conducting the flyover. Major Alex Turner was able to safely eject.

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