U.S. Navy Tac Demo Team Cancels Remainder of 2019 Season


The U.S. Navy Tac Demo Team has announced that the remainder of their 2019 season has been cancelled, as they focus their attention on training the next generation of naval aviators. Here’s the full statement posted by the team:

“As the East Coast Super Hornet Fleet Replacement Squadron, the mission of VFA-106 is to provide the fleet with superbly trained replacement aircrew to support fleet readiness. This mission will always take priority over displaying the remarkable Super Hornet across the country. While unfortunate, the remainder of the TACDEMO schedule for 2019 has been cancelled. Our dedicated, volunteer, air crew and maintainers must focus their efforts on training the next generation of Super Hornet aviators and flight officers.

We appreciate all the support that you have shown us this year. We remain optimistic that we will return to the air show circuit in 2020.

VFA-122’s Tailhook Legacy Team will continue to fly the rest of their season schedule.”

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